1993-1997. Alain Conreau made a building in Saint Priest (suburb of Lyon) housing a holographic concrete table. The bench was wery sensitive to the vibrations. The holograms were registered late in night. However numerous large holos were done, with sizes reaching 224 cm x 112 cm. ( “Neurone”, “Viaduc du Chavanon”, Maximo Alda’s “Design in time” or dancer, Ramon Benito’s “Mujer”, “Dama d’ Elx”, “Pterosaures”… etc. ).

The lab in Saint Priest, with the equipent of F. Mazzero.
1993 : Neurone
Neuron and synapse
Galaxies again.
“Dama d’Elx” for the Museum “La Benèficiencia in Valencia.
The stereogram facility : what a mess.