1985- 1986 – The exhibition gathered more than 300 000 visitors. The structure was disigned by Fabien Vienne and mounted by Gaétan Bousigué and team. After Paris, the show was built again in Lyon (Musée Guimet), Strasbourg (former prison “Sainte Marguerite”) and Colmar (Galerie Bartholdi).

112 x 124 cm WLT hologram for the Palais de la Découverte. Photo Orlando Nadaï.
Engin de présentation holographique, a “capsule” designed by Fabien Vienne, here the little model done by Gaétan Bousigué standing in front of the entrance of the Petit Palais in Paris. Photo. Gilles Durupt.
The little model and the Fernand Léger painting. Photo. Pierre Berdoy.
The big “Capsule” in the hall of the Palais de la Découverte. The thing was showing 6 large holograms. Photo. Gilles Durupt.
Here another “machine” in the hall. Made for “Aerospatiale” in 1986. The thing showed 3 holograms of the new electric command in Airbus planes and Hermes the never built European space shuttle. Photo. Gilles Durupt.
The entrance of the exhibition. Photo Gilles Durupt.
In the exhibition. Photo Gilles Durupt.
Photo Pierre Berdoy.